Hi, Dinesh,

Considering you’ve got a new Flutter web project set up you’ll work with an index.html looking like this (it’s located in the web folder inside the root of your project):

You need to do the following edits:

Then in your code you’ll make a call to the playVideoInJWPlayer JS function we defined passing the url:

void playVideo() {
String url = "http://commondatastorage.googleapis.com/gtv-videos- bucket/sample/BigBuckBunny.mp4";
js.context.callMethod(playVideoInJWPlayer, [url]);

You could modify the JS function to accept the width and height as parameters to get more flexibility out of it.

The JS function becomes:

And the Dart function:

If the JS libraries for JWPlayer are loaded correctly and you trigger the playVideo() function then everything should work fine.

Good luck!



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