From Within

The way it usually starts

Constantin Stan
4 min readJun 28, 2021


Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

I was one-third into my 100 days of Python journey and I just scribbled something into the 34th box that was part of a table that I received and printed.

Tracking progress is important. It keeps us motivated and gives us a sense of completion. Box by box, day by day, the grid of boxes filled in and did its job. Kept me motivated. That and discovering some interesting details about Python. The entire effort was just to fill my curiosity about this particular programming language, not out of necessity.

In the past, I've interacted multiple times with Python, even worked on production-grade code — as part of a team of developers, and always felt I should give it a bit more time to feel entirely comfortable and in control.

Anyway, this is not about learning Python. It is about how ideas come to form and transform into tangible products.

While scribbling, I said to myself that it'd be nice to create an app that people can use to track this progress just as an exercise. The flex your muscles type of project. I'm sure there are plenty of such apps out there in the wild. This will be just my take on it.

I always wanted to pick an idea out of the void, go through this process of building something out of it, and…