Constantin Stan
1 min readJan 20, 2020


Bopamo, 0 issues.

The heat went away the next morning. I read that it gets hot from re-indexing the newly restored files.

I’m lucky that I recently had the battery replaced by Apple for free. They had a recall program in June-July last year because it seems this type of MacBook Pro had faulty batteries that could swell and explode.

I use the laptop most of the time on heavy load (and plugged-in) but noticed that the battery impact on casual usage is not that high (not measured, just observed).

I researched a bit for enclosures, but it is not a high priority at this moment.

I don’t remember why I went on with the 1Gb version of the SSD, but I think it was not price-worthy (not for technical reasons).

Bottom line, I’m very happy with the outcome.

You should be careful at every step from the articles and it will be fine. Also, remember that you do the entire thing on your own and should do this only if you’re confident in your abilities and comfortable with it.

I, for one, got a couple of messed up electronics on the record. The most notable was 10–15 years ago when I failed to plug some RAM modules firmly in the mainboard and the whole thing went up in flames… :)

So, take care and good luck!